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Hello, thank you for visiting my website. Let me introduce myself. My name is Duvan. Nice to meet you. I am from Colombia, and I would like to share with you some things I enjoy: I enjoy reading and learning about many topics, but technology is always in my mind. I define myself as a quiet and happy person, with the ability to listen and then look for a solution.

Cloud Engineer & Technology Enthusiasts.

I like meeting and connecting with technology communities around the world to learn and get to know people that inspire discipline and lots of conviction in the technology industry.

  • Birthday: 15 Dec 1986
  • Website: duvanbaena.com
  • Phone: +057 3122988419
  • City: Medell√≠n, COL
  • Age: 37
  • Degree: Software Engineering Specialist
  • Email: contac@duvanbaena.com
  • Hour: 7 USD

I believe that technology is an interesting industry. I like software development. I am an open-source believer and a faithful follower of DevOps. I have knowledge and experience in the public cloud Azure and Azure DevOps platform. I am also well informed about the definition of infrastructure as code, about the use of methods to release applications to customers through automation CI/CD and monitoring metrics to identify degradations application.



I still have a long way to go academically and professionally. But I already did the most difficult thing, that is, to start. ūüĖ•ÔłŹ Lifelong learning ūüíĽ



Open English, Col

  • I am an English language and literature student


Software Engineering Specialist

2019 - 2020

University of Medellin, Col

The Software Engineering Specialization is based on two key elements of the software engineering process: requirements of engineering and architectural design.

Computer Software Technician

2015 - 2018


I am skilled in software development and analysis, application design and implementation, and maintenance of web and mobile environments .

Systems Engineering degree

2011 - 2017

Universidad Católica Luis Amigó, Col

I am creative and have the ability to innovate in the design, development and implementation of computer systems that integrate hardware administration, telecommunications technologies and software.

Professional Experience


2018 - 2022

Globo Studio of Colombia S.A.S, Medellín, Col


  • Create automated deployments by using configuration management technology. Deploy new modules and updates and fix bugs within the production environment.
  • Monitoring the availability of Cloud PaaS/SaaS solutions, performance, and production of health systems in support of meeting service level objectives.
  • Administration within the Azure ecosystem, complemented using CI/CD technologies and management of source code repositories.

IT Infrastructure Engineer

2008 - 2018

Colombia National Police, Medellín, Col


  • Maximizing network efficiency by monitoring performance, troubleshooting network problems and outages, scheduling upgrades, supporting PC (HW, OS, drivers, interfaces, software, etc.).
  • Secure network systems by establishing and applying policies, defining and , monitoring access so computer systems available during production hours.
  • Research, advise, and implement the best practices to maintain the infrastructure.


working together90%
Desire to learn90%
Agile methodologies70%


I would like to suggest some books that inspired me and can be useful to you.

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Admin SQL

by Maria Peréz Marqués

JavaScript Avanzado

by Sin Autor

Libro de Android

by Jes√ļs Tom√°s

Desarrollando App C#

by Borja Orbegozo Arana

Gestión SQL

by Borja Orbegozo Arana

Ajax Profesionales

by Maximiliano Firtman

Ing de Software

by Guillermo Pantaleon

Arq de Software

by Oscar Javier Blancarte

Tips Desarrollo

by Cesar Colina

Código Limpio

by Robert C. Martin

El libro del √Čxito

by Tim Johnson

Java Script

by Alessandra Salvagio

Revolución industrial

by JOYANES, Luis


I have met some people whose advice or ways of analyzing life have contributed to improving my way of thinking.

Hard Skill


These are any certification, my gold is never stop to learnig.


I will gladly help you with everything I can

Medellín, Colombia

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